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Calculate payroll check net amount and taxes

Payrollguru's Paycheck Calculator

Use the paycheck calculator below to calculate Net Earnings, Federal Withhodling, Social Security tax, Medicare, State Withholding, State Disability tax, State Unemployment Insurance from a Gross Amount of a paycheck.


Payrollguru uses it's best effort to provide the accurate calculations, however Payrollguru does not guarantee or imply 100% accuracy of the calculations. Payroll tax rates and limiits may change from time to time and will render the calculations inaccurate. Even though we strive to provide you with the most accurate results it's not advisable to rely only on results of this paycheck calculator for computation of employee earnings and employer's tax liabilitites. Contact us at 1-619-800-0729 if you require professional payroll assistance.
Payrollguru's Paycheck Calculator
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