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Payroll Services
and Accounting

Payrollguru provides payroll and accounting services to small and medium sized businesses.

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Mobile Payroll

Download Payroll Guru app, Paycheck Calc or Paycheck Free on your mobile device.

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Paycheck Calculators Online

Calculate your paycheck in any of 50 states and US territories with online paycheck calculator.

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PayrollGuru is a premier Payroll Service Provider

PayrollGuru is a premier payroll service provider that offers complete range of payroll processing services to our clents in all 50 states and US territories.

Whether you process payroll in-house or outsource payroll processing to other companies we can provide you with the most efficient payroll solution for this important business task.

We have friendly payroll staff and we utilize software capable of performing any payroll task.

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Our promise to you

We can reduce your current payroll processing costs by

depending on your current situation.

You will be satisfied with our services, or your money back guaranteed!

Payroll and Accounting Services

Our fully qualified and experienced accountants will help you process payroll for your employees in matter of hours.

By using our services you can improve your typical payroll process and cut expenses associated with the large payroll providers.

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The services that we offer include:
Payroll calculation and processing
Payroll Direct Deposit
Federal and State electronic tax payments
Check printing
Check signing
Elecronic Filing of W2/1099 and quarterly reports
Payroll reports that we deliver:
Payroll Journal
Payroll Register
Employees W2 and 1099/1098/1096 forms
Please enter complete information so we can email you the quote promptly. If you need additional accounting services please describe what you need in the Notes section.
Our Advantage

Being a small and lean company allows us to provide
a personal touch to everything we do. You may rest assured
that your payroll needs will be met on time and you will
receive a prompt attention and superb service from our key
personnel. We return your calls and we make it easy for you
to do your payroll.

Using our latest technology and tools, you can do your payroll online or on the go, with the help of our mobile payroll apps to get your job done. And if you need to talk to us - our help we will be there for you.

Pay employees, pay taxes,
stay current with the changes in payroll regulations with Payrollguru, Inc.


Please sign and fax the following documents
to 619-800-0729 to start the payroll service for your company:

Payroll Service Application
Direct Deposit Service Application
Reporting Agent Authorization Form
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Mobile Applications for iPhone & iPad

Use free or paid Paycheck Calculator app to calculate employee's payroll check. Calculate net paycheck, federal taxes, payroll withholdings, including SDI and SUI payroll state taxes. Display calculated paycheck on smartphone's screen, see paycheck distribution pie chart and email payroll check information to employee or employer.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone X and iPad.
Requires iOS 9.0 or later
Mobile Applications for Android

Use free or paid Paycheck Calculator app and precise Payroll Guru app to calculate employee's payroll check in the residence state. Calculate net paycheck, federal taxes, payroll withholdings, including SDI and SUI payroll state taxes with ease and on the go.

Requirements: Compatible with Android 4.0 and up
Mobile Applications for Windows Phones

Payrollguru app is a paid app for Windows Phone 7. It's developed for business owners, payroll specialist and payroll gurus that need to calculate exact payroll amounts, including net pay (take home amount) and payroll taxes, that include federal withholding, medicare, social security, state income tax, state unemployment and state disability withholding, where applicable.

Requirements: Compatible with Windows Phone 7
Payrollguru's Tax Engine

Payrollguru utilizes fast and accurate Payrollguru Tax Engine (PTE) developed for speed and accuracy of payroll calcula- tions. Each paycheck calculation is very specific to location (state), filing (marital) status, payroll period and number of payroll deductions (federal and state allowances) that an employee might receive. Some federal taxes (i.e. Medicare and Social Security) also have a taxable amount limit that will affect the paycheck deductions. All of these details and intricacies are incorporated into a sophisticated Payrollguru's Tax Engine to provide accurate payroll calculations.

Payrollguru's Tax Engine calculates the following federal taxes - Federal Withholding, Social Security, Medicare; and the following state taxes - State Withholding, State Unem- ployment Insurance, and State Disability Insurance for the following states: California, New York, Texas, Florida, Illinois,

2024 payroll tax updates
Payrollguru's apps updated with new 2024 federal and state payroll tax calculations.
January 1, 2024
Free Online Paycheck Calculators 2024
Free paycheck calculators for 2024 are available online
Online Paycheck Calculators
January 2, 2024
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January 2, 2024
Company Overview

Payrollguru, Inc. was founded in 2006 with the idea of providing better payroll services using advanced technology. The modern technology allows cutting costs associated with payroll outsourcing and providing better customer experience. Since company inception we diligently worked on improving our processes and software to enable smooth interaction between us and our clients.

Eventually we grew to become a mobile payroll provider as well. Mobile payroll allows our small business owners to calculate paychecks and payroll taxes on a go from their smartphones.

We strive to provide our clients with the best experience and consistent results every day!

Payrollguru is a registered trademark of Payrollguru, Inc.


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